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Cyber Crisis Management Planning Professional (C²MP²)

Organizations globally are under constant attack from internal and external threat actors but often have blind faith that their information technology (IT) department's incident response plan will be adequate to address the response and recovery requirements for the entire organization.

As a certified Cyber Crisis Management Planning Professional (C²MP²) you will have the knowledge to help organizations prepare for a major cyber crisis by leading the development of an integrated plan that serves not only IT but also functional business and operational groups required to maintain resilience.

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Your pathway to becoming a C²MP²
Step 1: Training

C²MP² candidates are required to attend our public or private Cyber Crisis Management Planning Boot Camp.  This 3-day (public course) or 5-day (private course) immersion covers all facets required to pass the certification exam.

Step 2: Exam

Achieve a score of 70% or better on the C²MP² exam

  • 50 multiple choice questions

  • Two hours; delivered on the final day of the boot camp

  • Only material produced by the candidate during the boot camp is permitted as reference material during the exam

  • There is an exam re-take fee of US$449 for students who do not pass the exam on first attempt.

    • One week must pass prior to attempting an exam re-take

Step 3: Plan Evaluation

The Cyber Crisis Management Plan (CCMP) developed during the exam will be reviewed and evaluated based on the criteria below. A score of 80% or better is required.

  • Presentation (15% of score)

  • Structure (20% of score)

  • Completeness (30% of score)

  • Content (35% of score)

NOTE: All three of the above steps will be completed during the boot camp. 


NOTE: Due to the time required to complete both the exam and the plan evaluation, students are advised to not schedule return flights home prior to 8 p.m.


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