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Our UHNWI/HNWI/VVIP/VIP/Celebrity program, developed in collaboration with internationally-acclaimed Robert Christopher Noble, has two facets: our unique WolfPack Managed Unified Cybersecurity Service, and our white glove cyber security awareness training service that is carefully crafted to meet the unique demands of this unique audience.  Malicious cyber threat actors don't care if your money is old or new, they want it, and they will use every step in the Cyber Kill Chain to achieve their objective.  Our objective, therefore, is to ensure your family has the knowledge, skills, and abilities to remain resilient to attacks Our objective, therefore, is to ensure your family has the knowledge, skills, and abilities to remain resilient to attacks while also maintaining a high degree of privacy.


Our UHNWI/HNWI/VVIP/VIP/Celebrity program is customized and delivered in accordance with your requirements.  Although we are based out of the United States, we will adjust our program to be delivered in person at any location in the world or remotely online.  We will adjust our delivery dates and times to meet your unique needs, while still respecting our commitments to other clients.

The cybersecurity threats facing celebrities and high net income/worth individuals and families is vast, sophisticated, and constant.  These are not your average citizens nor are the cyber threats they face.


  • Current global and local threat landscape including key statistics and case stories for similar high net-worth, high net-income, very important people, and very very important people and their families

  • Security awareness is about protecting our assets, which include UHNWI/HNWI/VVIP/VIP/Celebrity individuals, their families, and trusted agents as well as physical and virtual assets.  Each asset category requires a difference set of controls to protect them from threat agents.

  • At the center of our program is the CIA+P concept of confidentiality, integrity, availability and physical.  Together, these form the basis for how and why we need to protect our assets.

  • What does defense-in-depth look like for UHNWI/HNWI/VVIP/VIP/Celebrity individuals, families, and trusted agents?  We overlay the foundational architecture employed by organizations worldwide to your own personal world.

  • Who are the threat actors and why do they do what they do?  Financial gain is often at the center of their mission but it helps to better understand the psychology of cyber threats.  We look at the complex mind of a malicious actor and some of the hacking groups.

  • We dig into the vast array of vulnerabilities specific to the asset type (people, process, and technology) to help reduce our attack surface and minimize risk.

  • How do you, your family members, and trusted agents protect themselves from compromise?  We share strategies and work one-on-one with you, your family members, and trusted agents to implement the strategies.  Our program is not just a bunch of talk...we walk the talk.

  • What role do online pseudonyms and burner phones play? We'll explore options and considerations.

  • With the world as the playground, it's important to for ultra high net worth individuals, high net worth individuals, very very important persons,, very important persons, and celebrities consider how connected assets (yachts, private jets, etc.) can expose the individual and family members to exploitation.

  • Children and teens are connected like never before and with that comes risk.  We explore what can be done to protect them and the assets they interact with.

  • Malfeasance by staff is a sad reality for ultra high net worth individuals, high net worth individuals, very very important persons,, very important persons, and celebrities. We discuss what steps that can be taken to ensure proper oversight.

  • What actions should you and your family take if you are victimized by a cyber attacker?  What do you do if hit by ransomware or some other form of malware?  Again, we work with you, your family members, and trusted agents to be protected but also to be prepared should there be a compromise.


WolfPack MUCS is a value-added service built on the Wickr platform designed to protect high-value sensitive communications & files for ultra high net worth individuals (UHNWI), high net worth individuals (HNWI), very very important persons (VVIP), very important persons (VIP), and celebrities.

Cyber Security Training and Consulting LLC are experts in managing cyber risk for enterprises but after reading a steady flow of news stories about breached high net worth individuals and celebrities we realized this was a vulnerable and underserved segment of the global population.  Enter WolkPack.

WolfPack is a combination of products and services designed specifically for unique high net worth individuals and celebrities.  

We realize cybersecurity can be a bit confusing for some so we built WolfPack to simplify the process of establishing a robust security enclave or WolfDen for you, your family, friends, and other trusted agents, which we manage on your behalf.  We tell you exactly what to do and how to do it every step of the way.  We work 1-on-1 with you and everyone else you invite to your secure WolfDen.

The core technology uses a vetted, simple to use platform built by an expert security team. Messages, large files, calls and video conference are all end-to-end encrypted and all data is ephemeral (existing only briefly).

User data is encrypted on the sender’s device and only the recipient can access it. Nobody else has the keys to decrypt your messages or documents, including us. Your communications are not stored on a server. You control how long each message and file lives. Always.

Sounds pretty complex, huh?  Don’t worry, we work with individuals, their family members, friends, and trusted agents to implement the WolfPack MUCS.  And, we are your single point of contact if anyone, anywhere, at any time needs help.

Are you ready to form a secure WolfPack? Contact us.


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