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LAST UPDATED: October 7, 2020

The purpose of the student grievance policy is to provide a framework for communicating a complaint, a procedure for consideration of the complaint, and a fair, equitable, confidential means of resolving the complaint.   Concerns may be discussed with class Instructor and/or Director, Jeffrey Crump, however they will not accept oral complaints.    

All complaints must be made in writing and delivered by mail to or hand delivered to Cyber Security Training and Consulting LLC, Attention: Jeffrey Crump, 112 North Central Avenue, Suite M09, Phoenix, AZ 85004   Complaints must be received within 3 business days of the incident.

After a complaint is received, Mr. Crump will, within 5 business days, conduct a thorough and impartial investigation of the matter, including discussing the issue, in person or by phone, with the student, fellow student, Instructor and/or the staff member involved.  After the investigation, Jeffrey Crump will meet with the student to discuss the results of the investigation and a resolution.  Student is required to appear in person, or if not local to the Phoenix metropolitan area, online via video chat for this meeting.  Actions, information and discussion with complainant on the issue will be documented in the complaint and the complainant will receive a copy.

If the issue cannot be resolved to the student’s satisfaction during this conversation, then Mr. Crump will appoint an independent arbitrator to review the grievance and recommend a solution.

All information collected and parties in the complaint will be kept confidential and all parties to the complaint will be protected from retaliation.


All complaints by students, parents of students (under age 18 or dependent), or prospective students, will be handled free of charge.  The complainant is entitled to bring one person only to any and all meetings.  The complainant may request an interpreter/translator for all meetings.  A copy of all documentation will be retained in student file.

Student Complaint & Grievance Policy

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